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Shanghai United International School, Qingpu Campus (SUIS-Qingpu Campus) is the flagship of the Xiehe Education Group in Shanghai. The SUIS-Qingpu Campus covers a total area of 83 mu (about 55,333.33 m2) and a total construction area of 70,000 m2, including 15 grades and 90 classes. SUIS-Qingpu Campus is committed to building a demonstrative, green, and intelligent school, as well as an international and future-oriented eco-education system.

▼校园鸟瞰,Bird’s Eye View






Students, teachers, and parents are integrated in constituting the ecosystem of education; they take different responsibilities and play different roles in educational activities. Therefore, their focuses and beh**iors are grandly different. Accommodating to their different cognitive architectures and usage scenarios, the buildings of SUIS-Qingpu Campus show different features and attitudes.

For parents, a school should be open and friendly. The warm and welcoming atmosphere  manifests superior home-school cooperation. Such cooperation helps parents to understand the contents and means of educational activities at school, which encourages them to participate in the education and growing process of their kids.

In SUIS-Qingpu Campus, the gym, located in the Southeast corner, occupies the optimal geographical position. Therefore, without any blocking of buildings, sunshine and fresh air can penetrate the campus to the largest extent. As the largest venue on the campus, the gym is full of laughter from the students. Here, various activities are taking place all day long, such as football and aerobics. Spontaneously or led by coaches, students gather and enjoy their time in the gym. The gym is also the junction of two urban roads. The activities of students become a part of the city’s scenery, attracting residents to stop and watch. The grandstand on the west side of the gym directly connects to the second floor of the teaching buildings. Therefore, students can rush all the way from the classrooms to the gym. The overhang of each building is turned to the gym. With opening holes and platforms in different sizes, students and teachers can hang out, overlook, or play at the overhangs. The vivid and three-dimensional designs present a cheerful and welcoming attitude, just as the smiling faces of the students.

▼体育场占据了校区最重要的东南角,the gym, located in the Southeast corner, occupies the optimal geographical position


Mildness indicates the buffering space. In SUIS-Qingpu campus, there is enough venue for moms to watch their kids pass through the school gates and slowly walk into the classrooms. It is like a switch of emotions. Students pass through the venue every day. Whether it is a teacher’s question or a dinner at home, they need to adjust their conditions here. The entrance plaza of SUIS-Qingpu Campus covers an area of nearly 3,000 m2. It is a southward square, which makes people feel comfortable and is wide enough to meet the daily requirements. The surrounding circular corridor can shelter from the wind and rain. At the same time, it symbolizes the limitation and transformation of spaces. It begins at the entrance plaza of the SUIS-Qingpu Campus and is an essential component of the school gate. It also blends with the logo tower as the space changes. It is smart and rich in design, and it @Creates a substantial and open atmosphere.


▼入口广场,entrance plaza


In such a mild transitional space, the prototypes of traditional colleges can be seen, such as the Song Yang Academy or the Magdalen College School in Oxford. The traditional colleges all h**e such a sloppy and sturdy yard, with flat lawns and the sunshine all over the ground. As the most ceremonial place in the school, it lays the basic tonality of SUIS-Qingpu Campus, which is open, upright, and unlimited. It is hoped that soft space can become the spirit of the school culture. After countless years, the students will always remember such a yard when they mention their teenage hood and campus lives.

▼四周的环廊可以遮风避雨,the surrounding circular corridor can shelter from the wind and rain



▼总平面图,site plan

For teachers, a school should be orderly and historical. Teachers are the organizers and managers of teaching activities. They need to ensure that the daily subjects are carried out in an orderly manner. At the same time, the school has always been their career. It is hoped that the school can adapt to the changes of the times, as well as the adjustments of teaching methods, which makes it h**e a kind of timeless beauty.

SUIS-Qingpu Campus is a large-scale school consisting of 15 grades and nearly 3,000 students, with a clear overall structure. Therefore, it is easy to be managed, ensuring the orderly development of teaching activities. The layout of the Qingpu Campus takes the central axis as the core, successively connecting the three functional blocks of teaching, sports, and logistics. The divisions of the teaching department are located on the two sides, with independent activity courtyards. In addition, the central section sits the shared classrooms and disciplines, which are convenient for the arrangement of teaching activities. Various measures inside the Qingpu Campus are centered around the students. The learning process extends to every corner of the campus; therefore, every student can fully experience the teaching activities.

▼学生们在宽敞的走廊和平台上自由奔跑,children are running freely on the generous corridors and terraces

▼广场夜景,plaza night view


The color design of the entire Qingpu Campus visually describes its planning structure. The major colors are warm white, light colors, medium gray, and dark gray, which has formed a delicate middle tone. Besides, the bright tones are added locally. Different bright colors represent different functional units. For example, the color of yellow stands for the area of primary school, green for the junior high school, blue for the senior high school, and wooden brown for the administrative and public areas. Such a color system continues into the interior of buildings. The major colors of the buildings are also used in corridors, door frames, storage compartments, and even classroom walls. The windshield that runs through the Qingpu Campus is the major public passage, which is highlighted in red at the bottom. The overall style is lively and bright, with a strong sense of identity and composition.

▼操场视角,view from the playground

▼色彩设计直观地描述了校园的规划结构,he color design of the entire Qingpu Campus visually describes its planning structure

▼不同的亮色代表了不同的功能单元,different bright colors represent different functional units

▼蓝色是高中部的颜色,blue is used for the senior high school

▼立面细部,exterior detailed view


In order to adapt to the continuous and iterative @Updates of the teaching methods, the various functional bodies of Qingpu Campus h**e considerable flexibility and adaptability. The shared classrooms are equipped with movable partitions for resizing at any time. The classroom corridors are partially enlarged to form the centers for learning groups. Also, the classrooms are equipped with event furniture, which will accommodate different group activities. The restaurant becomes a composite functional area. The courtyard library uses open shelves, which has formed an informal area for learning and communication. The gym has more than 2,700 m2 of giant pillarless space, which can be extended with the theater to meet all the requirements of the literary and sports shows. These spaces can be arranged to inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of students, thereby helping teachers adapt to the continuous evolution of future courses. Eventually, it helps Qingpu Campus meet the requirements of rapid hardware iterations, ensuring the long-term sound development of the school.

▼教学楼内部空间,interior view




For students, a school should be true and equal. Students are the main bodies of the campus activities. Only truthfulness and equality can inspire them to @Create and communicate, making them feel the nature and sunshine, as well as enjoying healthy and calm growth.

Truthfulness first indicates the true construction. The major exterior surfaces of SUIS-Qingpu Campus are painted with ordinary paints, with regular and clear structures. Neither bricks nor drawings are applied. In other words, there are no useless decorations. Windows on walls follow strict lighting requirements for classrooms. The windows are recessed to **oid glares, which are also convenient for placing the air conditioners. In addition, the color tone of these windows is a combination of medium gray and dark gray. The metal beads on the top of windows bring a bit of tough texture, whose original intention is to protect the wall from rains. The restraint of design techniques, of course, has cost considerations and is in line with the current construction standards of school buildings. Most importantly, such a design is to **oid the oppression and alienation of students brought by the large scales and volumes of the buildings. The expressiveness of these buildings is even consciously weakened to form a comfortable and soft attitude. The peacefulness of the buildings is like a kind of quiet care, allowing students to relax and focus on the present, which has become the true background of daily teaching activities.

▼外饰面主材是普通涂料,结构规整,构造清晰,the major exterior surfaces of SUIS-Qingpu Campus are painted with ordinary paints, with regular and clear structures


Equality means equal and shared resources. SUIS-Qingpu Campus adopts a centralized layout, and its central section is a huge center of learning resources. It has dedicated classrooms and shared classrooms, as well as a library, an art room, and a dance hall, which is also connected to the restaurants, gym, swimming pools, and music theaters. It not only breaks the boundaries between different grades but also blurs the boundaries of different disciplines, encouraging students from different grades to communicate and collaborate across disciplines. The Xiehe Hall is located at the heart position of the entire resource center, which is adjacent to the inner court. With plenty of trees, the hall offers a huge open area and is also an informal lecture theater. Students can think and learn independently or constitute a group for interactions freely; they even can participate in medium-sized seminars. The two large steps are arranged separately, which organize the traffic flow lines of each layer. Therefore, students can encounter various thematic units at any time on the necessary walking paths. Also, the students can inadvertently see their seniors participating in the speech debates, their companions painting plaster statues, the girls in other classes being ready for rehearsing. The interfaces are transparent, the presentations are complete, and the choices are free. The activities outside the classroom are more exciting.

▼入口大厅,entrance lobby

▼协和大厅提供了一个巨大的弹性开放空间和非正式的讲座剧场, The Xiehe Hall offers a huge open area and is also an informal lecture theater


▼游泳馆,swimming pool

在琳琅满目的内容当中,穿插其中的院落,很好的承担了 “空”的功用。它模糊了内外、上下的界限,消除了等级和专属,传达了交流、共享的愿景。对于老师和家长而言,教室之外的时间不能浪费,安排的是音乐体育等等拓展活动。对于学生而言,这些拓展还是课堂,仍是功课。他们的要求很简单,可能就是找个角落,什么也不做,打望发呆。这些院落并没有特定的功能,却是一个必须的、无功用的停顿,是在层层叠叠活动中的喘息,带来了阳光和空地,提供海阔天空的畅想和放空…..无用之用,其用无穷。于是,多重庭院成为校园空间的复调,围合、限定和打开,张弛有度,层层递进。建筑是朴素的,院落是丰富的,同学们可以更多的与环境互动,在自然中感受真实,在真实中发现一些有趣,呈现出清新朴实的校园气息。

Among the various teaching contents, the courtyards interspersed through the campus undertake certain functions. These courtyards blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and between upward and downward, eliminating the grades and exclusiveness and conveying the vision of communication and sharing. For teachers and parents, time outside the classrooms cannot be wasted. Expansion activities such as music and sports are arranged. For students, these expansions are still in the classrooms, and they are still homework. Sometimes, the request of students is very simple. It may be finding a corner, doing nothing, and being in a daze. These courtyards h**e no specific functions; however, they are a necessary and useful pause. They enable students to take a break from various teaching activities. Also, these courtyards allow students enjoying sunshine and provide an open area for imagination. They are empty, but they h**e infinite usages. As a result, multiple courtyards h**e constituted the comprehensive campus area, which can be enclosed, defined, and opened. Therefore, the campus will be relaxing and progressive. The buildings are simple while the courtyards are rich. Students can interact with the environment, feel the truthfulness of nature, and find interesting things. In summary, SUIS-Qingpu Campus has presented a fresh and simple atmosphere.

▼夜间的校园,the campus at night

▼夜间整体鸟瞰,aerial view by night

▼一层平面图,plan level 1



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