One Thousand Museum公寓大楼

One Thousand Museum公寓大楼,迈阿密 / Zaha Hadid Architects



设计公司:Zaha Hadid Architects



材料:玻璃纤维增强水泥 水泥 玻璃

标签:Hufton 迈阿密

分类:住宅公寓 住宅建筑 高层建筑

One Thousand Museum是一栋62层的公寓大楼,它坐落在迈阿密博物馆公园对面,享有比斯坎湾的美景。该公园占地30英亩,在2013年进行重新规划之后,已成为迈阿密市区最重要的公共空间之一。城市新建的艺术和科学博物馆也位于该公园内。

One Thousand Museum is a 62-storey residential tower opposite Museum Park in Miami. With views across Biscayne Bay, this popular 30-acre park was redeveloped in 2013 as one of downtown Miami’s primary public spaces and includes the city’s new art and science museums.

▼远观大楼,a distant view to the tower ©Hufton+Crow 

▼公园视角,view from the park ©Hufton+Crow 

▼比斯坎湾视角,view from the bank of Biscayne Bay ©Hufton+Crow 


The tower’s design continues Zaha Hadid Architects’ research into high-rise construction that defines a fluid architectural expression consistent with the engineering for the entire height of a structure.

▼从街道望向建筑,exterior view from the street ©Hufton+Crow 


扎哈·哈迪德事务所的项目负责人Chris Lepine表示:“该设计同时展现了结构和建筑上的流动性。结构依据需要在厚度上发生变化,使建筑和工程学成为一个整体。”

▼混凝土材质的外部骨骼通过由流线元素构成的框架网络将横向支撑与纵向结构融为一体,the concrete exoskeleton structures its perimeter in a web of flowing lines that integrates lateral bracing with structural support ©Hufton+Crow 

▼混凝土骨骼细部,concrete exoskeleton detailed view ©Hufton+Crow 

One Thousand Museum’s concrete exoskeleton structures its perimeter in a web of flowing lines that integrates lateral bracing with structural support. Reading from top to bottom as one continuous frame, columns at its base fan out as the tower rises to meet at the corners, forming a rigid tube highly resistant to Miami’s demanding wind loads; its curved supports creating hurricane resistant diagonal bracketing.

“The design expresses a fluidity that is both structural and architectural,” explains Zaha Hadid Architects’ project director Chris Lepine. “The structure gets thicker and thinner as required, bringing a continuity between the architecture and engineering.”

▼基座部分的立柱在上升的过程中于拐角处呈扇状展开,columns at the base fan out as the tower rises to meet at the corners ©Hufton+Crow 

▼弯曲的支撑结构形成括弧状的托架以抵御飓风的侵袭,the curved supports @Create hurricane resistant diagonal bracketing

One Thousand Museum采用了玻璃纤维增强混凝土模架,在建筑封顶之后仍然继续保持在原位。这种永久性的混凝土模架还兼容了易于维护的饰面。水晶般的幕墙被保护在外骨骼后方,与坚固的支撑结构形成了鲜明的对比。

One Thousand Museum incorporates glass fibre reinforced concrete form-work which remains in place as construction progresses up the tower. This permanent concrete form-work also provides the architectural finish that requires minimal maintenance. Behind the exoskeleton, the faceted, crystal-like façade contrasts with the solidity of the structure.

▼水晶般的幕墙被保护在外骨骼后方,behind the exoskeleton, the faceted, crystal-like façade contrasts with the solidity of the structure ©Hufton+Crow 

▼立面细部,detailed view ©Hufton+Crow 


With its frame at the perimeter, the tower’s interior floor plates are almost column free; the exoskeleton’s curvature creating slightly different plans on each floor. On the lower floors, terraces cantilever from the corners, while on the upper floors, the terraces are incorporated behind the structure.

▼大堂空间,lobby ©Hufton+Crow 

▼楼梯,stair ©Hufton+Crow 

▼户外泳池,outdoor pool ©Hufton+Crow 


The top floors of the tower feature an aquatic center, lounge and event space. Landscaped gardens, terraces and pools are located above the lobby and residents’ parking.

▼水上运动中心,aquatic center ©Hufton+Crow 

▼天花细部,ceiling detailed view  ©Hufton+Crow 

▼建筑近景,a close view to the tower ©Hufton+Crow 

▼项目全景,overall view ©Hufton+Crow 

Project Data

Height: 709 ft

Gross Area: 911,027 sq ft

Levels: 62

Townhouse Units: 4

Half Floor Units: 70

Full Floor Units: 8

Penthouse: 1

Parking Spaces: 260
Project Team
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Design: Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher
Project Director: Chris Lepine
Project Team: Alessio Constantino, Martin Pfleger, Oliver Bray, Theodor Wender, Irena Predalic, Celina Auterio, Carlota Boyer
Competiton Team: Sam Saffarian, Eva Tiedemann, Brandon Gehrke, Cynthia Du, Grace Chung, Aurora Santana, Olga Yatsyuk

Local Architect: O’Donnell Dannwolf Partners

Structural: DeSimone Consulting Engineers

MEP: HNGS Consulting Engineers

Civil: Terra Civil Engineering

Landscape: Enea Garden Design

Fire Protection: SLS Consulting Inc

Vertical Transportation: Lerch Bates Inc

Wind Tunnel Consultant: RWDI Consulting Engineers & Scientists

Photographer: Hufton+Crow