04. 服务建筑类——墨西哥海滨度假村 Solaz Cabos Los / Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Solaz Los Cabos酒店,墨西哥 / Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos



设计公司:Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos


类型:建筑 景观

材料:石材 木材

标签:下加利福尼亚 与沙漠有关的项目

分类:休闲娱乐 商业建筑 滨海建筑 酒店


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在墨西哥的下加利福尼亚半岛,赭石色的半沙漠景观与深蓝色的Cortes海形成了惊艳的对比,为Solaz Los Cabos度假酒店的建设提供了理想的环境条件。

The extraordinary natural surroundings of the peninsula of Baja California with its semi-desert landscape in shades of ocher, contrasting with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortes, provides an ideal selected context for the construction of a new landmark hotel for the country.



Celebrating the integration between landscape, architecture and art, Solaz Los Cabos covers a total area of 9.8 hectares along a section of the coast that includes unique topographical formations. The architectural concept was guided by this need for the proper integration of the construction into its surroundings, achieved through the use of organic forms that refer to the movement of the w**es, producing an attractive series of volumes that are adapted to the location. The selection of materials, planting and construction methods reinforce this concept of integration, and were meticulously studied to ensure they would suit this beautiful site.

▼公路视角,view from the road

▼借助与海浪相呼应的有机形式来创造一系列瞩目的体量,the organic forms refer to the movement of the w**es, producing an attractive series of volumes that are adapted to the location


▼体块生成示意,massing process

The services provided by the development are designed to offer a range of accommodation and hospitality options to visitors from both Mexico and abroad. It comprises hotel, apartments, restaurants, spa, amenities, site museum, open plazas and more. As a result of the natural steep topography of the site, which climbs from sea level towards the north, it was decided to form three large curved terraces running east-west, and to place the hotel rooms at the western end. The circulation between these terraces is via narrow cuttings that also operate as dividing passageways with dense planting to separate the different functions, generating greater privacy.

▼俯瞰酒店广场,overlook to the open plaza

▼大堂入口,entrance to the lobby




Given the slope, each terrace rises above the other in stepped fashion, with south-facing façades meaning that all the spaces enjoy spectacular views of the sea. The amenities including swimming pools, beach club, sun loungers are located on the lowest level, by the beach. The access level is located within the principal building. This construction, which displays a great plasticity of form and organic movement, resembles three blocks stacked on top of each other. Each block contains two floors to give a total of six and contains hotel rooms inside. The volumetry of this building combines the same concept of integration into the surroundings while its movement permits the generation of better views, affording the development with a unique tectonic character.

▼南向的立面保证了每个空间都能够享受到壮观的海景, the south-facing façades provide all the spaces with spectacular views of the sea

▼游泳池等娱乐设施被设置在建筑底层,the amenities including swimming pools, beach club, sun loungers are located on the lowest level


The apartments operated by the hotel are three volumes of square proportions distributed along the length of the south side of the site.  The different typologies of this hotel’s suites and rooms emerges from the topography that merges harmoniously with the sandy beach. To reach them, a courtyard-lobby serves as both entryway and bridge between the topographic undulations of the exterior and the welcoming geometry of the interior. A warm atmosphere @@Created using tropical wood, textiles with fresh, Mexican colors, and lines marked out in stone generate a distinctive contemporary aesthetic in every room.


▼接待台,reception area


▼餐厅细部,restaurant detailed view

▼餐厅观景台,restaurant terrace

▼酒店公寓,hotel apartment

▼总统套房,Presidential Suite

▼酒店客房露台,hotel room terrace

▼公寓露台,apartment terrace

▼客房入口区域,Hotel Room entrance


空间中大量的艺术介入也是该酒店的特色之一。墨西哥艺术家Cesar López Negrete在这里创造并展示了超过400件艺术作品,致敬了下加利福尼亚的历史文化。他的艺术观点被同时呈现在酒店的微观(客房)和宏观(广场和公共空间)层面,对酒店的空间乃至场地形成了补充性的回应。

One of the conceptual pillars of Solaz los Cabos is the artistic intervention in many of the spaces. Here, Mexican artist Cesar López Negrete @@Creates and exhibits over 400 works of art that commemorate the life and culture of Baja California in ancient times. His artistic vision complements each detail of the construction, at both the micro level (hotel rooms) and the macro level (open plazas and common spaces), in the appropriation of the space and the integration with the site.

▼艺术作品贯穿室内外空间,the artistic intervention can be found in many of the hotel spaces

▼场地博物馆,Site Museum

Solaz Los Cabos酒店的独特之处还体现在景观方面。建筑团队与Gabayet 101 Paisaje合作完成了景观设计,并根据每个空间不同的用途和特性选种了不同的植物。通过这种方式,建筑和景观与外部人行道、走廊、户外设施、大堂、餐厅以及朝着海岸下降的绿色屋顶形成了协调的关系。绿化区域则呈现了与当地植物景观相似的特性。

The presence of Solaz Los Cabos is notable thanks to the way the architecture is woven into an integrated landscape project, @@Created in partnership with Gabayet 101 Paisaje. The palette of plants was complemented with further native species according to the landscape design and the intention of each space. In this way, the architecture and landscaping harmonize with the external walkways, passages, outdoor amenities, lobbies, restaurants, green roofs on the volumes that descend to the sea, and so on. These landscaped areas seek to imitate the local vegetation and its unique natural setting.

▼朝着海岸下降的绿色屋顶,the green roofs on the volumes that descend to the sea

▼阶梯式景观,Aerial View – Terraces

现代化的墨西哥风格与景观完美融合,加上贯穿整个项目的艺术性介入,Solaz Los Cabos将成为全球酒店行业的下一个典范。

With its contemporary Mexican design, its proper integration into the landscape, and the sum of an integral art project, this hotel is expected to be the next icon in the international hospitality industry.




▼车辆入口,car entrance

▼平面图,general layout

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

▼景观剖面图,Landscape Section

▼纵剖面图1,Longitudinal Section 1

▼纵剖面图2,Longitudinal Section 2

Architectural Project: Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos
President: J**ier Sordo Madaleno Bringas
Architecture Leader: J**ier Sordo Madaleno de Haro
Project Leader: Alejandro Coeto, Boris Pena
Program: Hotel
Construction Area: 150,000 m2
Terrain Area: 135,000 m2
Termination Date: 2018
Status: Built
Location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Architectural Team
Design Manager: Alejandro Espejel, Cándido Hernández, Luis Pucheta
Design Team: Iovany Fuentes, D**id Pazos, Miguel Baranda, Marco Pucheta, Santiago García de Letona, Giordana Rojas, Daniela Camarena, Carlos Nuñez, Francisco Barrera
Engineering Coordination: Marcos Hernández
Engineering Team: Héctor Ruiz
Media & Marketing: Rosalba Rojas, Daniela Cruz, Jimena Orvañanos, Daniela Rosas, Angélica Chávez, Lorena Moreno
Interior Design: Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos
Interior Directors: Nadia Borrás, Enrique Ralph
Interior Team:
Guillermo Márquez, Greg Leiner, Pilar Ocejo, Gabriela Mondragón, Andoni Barcón, Héctor Galaz, Maripaz Coto, Melissa Peña, Rossy León, Luz Edith Osuna, Keshin Fuhrmann, Ingrid Flores, Fernanda Patiño, Regina Jarque, Alejandro Gómez-Moncada, Marcia Mejía, Miguel Galindo, Cristina Ramos, Alejandra Angeles
Structural Engineering: Ing. Jaime Palacios
Electric Engineering: Cien Acres
Air Conditioning Engineering: DYPRO
Systems & Special Engineering: Innovative Design
Hydrosanitary Engineering: Termo Aire Consultores Mecánicos
Water Treatment Plant Engineering: Hidro Ecología Especialistas en Tratamiento de Agua
Fire Safety Engineering: Viza Fire
Lighting Consultant: Luz y Forma
Acustic Consultant: Omar Saad
** Consultant: Innovative Design
Landscape Consultant: Gabayet Paisajistas
Fire Safety Consultant: Bice Vertical
Construction: Quinta del Golfo de Cortés S.A. de C.V.
Photography: Rafael Gamo