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爱荷华汽车公园/Substance Architecture

Substance Architecture clads Iowa car park in a golden screen


在爱荷华州的得梅因,当地公司Substance Architecture 设计的多层停车场以黄色铝板屏为特色,允许空气流动,同时阻挡了汽车的视野。

This multi-storey parking garage in Des Moines, Iowa, by local firm Substance Architecture features a yellow-coloured aluminium screen that permits air flow while blocking views of cars .

露天车库被称为Corporate Campus 停车设施,它位于西得梅因的一个办公园区内,该园区是得梅因市区范围内的一个郊区社区。

汽车公园的建立是为了适应新办公楼的需求,这个办公楼也是Substance Architecture设计的。Substance公司是成立于2001年的一家当地的设计公司。矩形车库包含1412个车位,面积为420200平方英尺(39000平方米)。这里有两个电动汽车的充电站,包括给未来附加车站预留的空间。

Titled Corporate Campus Parking Facility, the open-air garage is situated in an office park in West Des Moines, a suburban community within the Des Moines metropolitan area.
The car park was built to accommodate the demands of a new office building that was also designed by Substance Architecture, a local design practice founded in 2001.
The rectilinear garage contains 1,412 parking stalls and encompasses 420,200 square feet (39,000 square metres). There are two charging stations for electric cars, with space for additional stations in the future.



Creating a subtle building that did not obstruct views of the campus was a key factor in the design process. The architects integrated the four-storey building into the natural slope of the site, with two levels located partly below ground.
"All levels h**e an accessible exit to grade, which allowed us to eliminate elevators from the project," the firm noted.


One side of the garage faces the office building, while the other elevations look out over a landscape dotted with trees.


On the eastern side of the building, a large gold-coloured screen made of aluminium mesh provides a "visual and physical separation between the campus pedestrians and the vehicles hidden beyond," said the firm.



Bronze-coloured mesh was used to conceal columns on the building's other elevations, which consist of concrete walls with openings to enable airflow. The precast concrete is coloured to match the material used elsewhere on the campus.
The structure's frame and deck are made of cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete.



Visitors enter the garage through glass-box stairwells that are framed in black steel.
"The egress stairs emerge from the earth to provide clear access points for the pedestrians," the firm said, noting that the stairs also mark where vehicles can enter the building.


摄影:Paul Crosby

Other recent parking facilities include a car park in Spain wrapped in rows of brightly coloured metal slats and a garage in Belgium featuring perforated metal balustrades.
Photography is by Paul Crosby.

建筑事务所:Substance Architects
停车顾问:Walker Parking Consultants
机械师:Baker Group
电气顾问:Baker Electric Inc
结构顾问:Charles Saul Engineering
Civil 顾问:Cooper Crawford Associates
LEED认证顾问:C. Wise Design and Consultants LLC
玻璃和采光:Architectural Wall Systems
消防设施:Blackhawk Automatic Sprinklers
钢结构:Construction Products Distributors LLC
预制混凝土供应商:Coreslab Structures
钢结构安装:Northwest Steel Erection Co
门和硬件供应商: Walsh Door and Hardware
试验: Team Services
水平模板承包商:CeCo Concrete Construction LLC
嵌缝 /密封:Midwest Caulking Inc

Project credits:
Architect: Substance Architects
Parking consultant: Walker Parking Consultants
Mechanical consultant: Baker Group
Electrical consultant: Baker Electric Inc
Structural consultant: Charles Saul Engineering
Civil consultant: Cooper Crawford Associates
Landscape architect: Confluence
LEED consultant: C. Wise Design and Consultants LLC
Glass and glazing: Architectural Wall Systems
Fire sprinklers: Blackhawk Automatic Sprinklers
Structural steel: Construction Products Distributors LLC
Precast concrete supplier: Coreslab Structures
Steel erector: Northwest Steel Erection Co
Door and hardware supplier: Walsh Door and Hardware
Testing: Team Services
Horizontal formwork contractor: CeCo Concrete Construction LLC
Caulking/sealants: Midwest Caulking Inc