【转】格林威治公共住宅示范项目/ Bell Phillips

格林威治公共住宅示范项目/ Bell Phillips


Bell Phillips建筑事务所在伦敦设计了供老年人和残疾人居住的经济型住宅,住宅拥有引擎盖般的屋面,把自然光线引导入砖砌结构的室内空间。

Hood-like roofs funnel natural light into these brickterraced houses in London by Bell Phillips Architects, which provide cost-effective homes for elderly and disabled residents.

Bell Phillips建筑事务所受到格林威治皇家自治市的委托,设计公共住宅示范项目,目前已在英国6座城市完成了22个可供出租的社会住宅。


Bell Phillips was commissioned by the city's Royal Borough of Greenwich to develop a model for public housing, and it has so far been used to construct 22 properties for social rent across six sites.
The single-storey dwellings make more productive use of land that previously contained garages, providing homes of an appropriate size for people over the age of 60.



According to a statement released by the architects, "the design for each two-bed four-person home goes beyond standard requirements, and @Creates cost-effective housing that is easy for older occupants to manage".
A total floor area of 90 square metres in each home exceeds local guidelines for wheelchair users, and incorporates a connected living room, kitchen and dining area, in addition to the two bedrooms.



The design focused on creating bright and comfortable spaces, with a repeatable standardised form that combines references to traditional London housing with contemporary details.
"In a design approach that simultaneously brings variety and uniformity, Greenwich Housing repeats a single prototype house design within terraces of two to six houses," the architects said.



"Conscious that older people tend to spend more time at home, we ende**oured to provide generous, contemporary, light-filled houses that people will enjoy living in," they added.
The brick units are arranged in rows like mews housing, with courtyards in front to encourage social interaction between residents. Small gardens are accommodated at the back of each property.



Zinc-clad roofs extend 1.5 metres above the brick walls and contain windows set back to protect them from direct sunlight. This allows light to flood the living areas while ensuring they are not overlooked.
The angled roofs result in a saw-toothed profile. Roofs at the rear of each unit also angle upwards slightly to increase the ceiling height and give the garden-facing elevation a more interesting appearance.



Brick and zinc were chosen for their robust qualities, and different shades of brick tie the buildings in with the surrounding context.
The internal spaces are divided along the main axis, with the living areas on one side and bedrooms on the other. A corridor connecting the bedrooms also provides access to a shared bathroom.


Bell Phillips建筑事务所之前的设计项目包括伦敦住宅室内改造项目中的折纸造型钢制楼梯,由维多利亚时期的老煤气站改造而成的储气站公园,这里拥有发亮的金属回廊。

The main bedroom is situated at the rear of each home, where there is greater privacy and views of the garden. The second room at the front can be used as a study or additional living space if required.
Bell Phillips Architects' previous projects include an origami-like folded steel staircase in a refurbished London home and a park and polished steel p**ilion in a converted Victorian gas holder.

还有一些其他的住宅设计,像伦敦的经济适用房项目,比如Richard Rogers为无家可归的年轻人设计的预制住宅,为退休人员设计的带有高耸烟囱和单侧山墙的砖砌小屋。

Other housing projects proposed to tackle the lack of affordable accommodation in London include Richard Rogers' prefabricated dwellingsfor young homeless people and brick bungalowswith tall chimneys and half gables designed for retired residents.

建筑设计:Bell Phillips建筑事务所
结构设计: Richard Jackson
砖材料供应商:BEA Building Products
锌板供应商:VM zinc
外部覆层材料供应商:John Watson Joinery

Project credits:
Architects: Bell Phillips
Structural engineer: Richard Jackson
Energy/sustainabilty: @Create
Main contractor: Newlyns
Client: Royal Borough of Greenwich
Bricks: BEA Building Products
Zinc cladding: VM zinc
Timber external cladding: John Watson Joinery