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来自事务所的描述。会安是越南中部的旅游胜地,有古老的城区和令人赞叹的海滨。Cam Thanh位于会安东南,它之所以闻名,是因为这里有红树林、纵横交错的水路、椰树林和隐约可见的小村庄。

From the architect. Located in the southeast of Hoi An – a tourism destination in the middle of Vietnam with ancient quarter and breathtaking seashore, Cam Thanh is known for its mangrove forests, crisscrossed waterways, coconut forests and small looming villages. Despite having such great potentials due to naturally diverse ecology and local handicraft business, Cam Thanh remains a poor area with low living standard.

Cam Thanh社区中心吸引了国内外游客,但和老城区之间缺乏联系,难于推动旅游业和促进当地经济发展。气候变化也影响到Cam Thanh:高温,台风和升高的海平面。这些提出了建立平台用作社区中心的需要,用以连接当地及不同社会阶层的科学和经济团体,使他们有兴趣加强和Cam Thanh的联系,这样创造更多的旅游机会,有助于社区的可持续发展。

The lack of connection between Cam Thanh and the old quarter – the centre attracting both domestic and foreign tourists has made it difficult to promote tourism and foster the local economy. Cam Thanh is also affected by climate change’s consequences: heat-wave, typhoons and rising sea level. These have raised the need for a physical platform acting as a community hub to provide linkage between the local and different social, scientific and economic groups which are interested in strengthening the connection with Cam Thanh, creating more tourist opportunities and contributing to the sustainable development of the commune.

Cam Thanh社区中心设计就是来满足这个要求。中心位于社区的核心,包括3座建筑,提供了连续的流动空间。通过使用灵活的分隔,空间能够经过改变来适应不同的需求:会议、展览、活动,以及图书馆、培训课程教室和自助餐厅。

The Cam Thanh Community Centre was designed to fulfill this requirement. The centre, locating in the commune’s core, includes 3 buildings providing a continuous zoning flow. By using flexible partitions, the space can be modified to adapt different requirements: meetings, exhibitions, events, combining with library, training courses and cafeteria.

露天庭院就像会安老城区的房屋,使用对流通风。这个综合设施也有游乐场、有机蔬菜农场、槟榔园和运动场。Cam Thanh社区中心未来有望成为一个共享空间,一个有机农业实验中心,以及一个理想的旅客休息站,在未来为游客服务。

The open courts resemble the Hoi An’s ancient quarter houses, using convection ventilation. The complex also has playground, organic vegetables farm, areca garden and sport field. Cam Thanh Community House is expected to become a sharing place, an experimental organic agriculture hub and an ideal rest stop for tourists in the future.


The structure is simple with the efficient usage of local resources and material. Vines hanging across areca garden, together with the coconut leaves roof, can drastically reduce solar radiation and provide shade. Strong wood columns and bamboo frame support the large and sloping-in roof, collecting rainwater for reuse in irrigation and daily activities. Surrounding walls, made of double-layer adobe brick, @Create air cushions and insulation. This structure can help the building withstand during windstorms.

Cam Thanh社区中心是会安文化的体现,它从老屋的传统庭院、槟榔园、农村地区特色的葡萄园中获得灵感,创造了阴影和空间的交响乐。社区中心的开发将是有望成功的首个范例,能被复制用到不同地区,因此逐步形成会安新开发区的新的建筑发展模式。

Inspired by the traditional courtyard of the ancient house, areca garden and featured vines of the rural area, Cam Thanh Community Centre – the embodiment of Hoi An culture – @Creates the symphony of shades and voids. The development of this Community house will be the first and hopefully the success example to be replicated for different areas, therefore gradually shaping the architectural identity of new development areas in Hoi An.

建筑设计: 1+1>2
项目位置: 越南,广南省,会安 
总建筑师: Hoang Thuc Hao, Pham Duc Trung, Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, Le Dinh Hung, Vu Xuan Son
项目面积: 550.0平方米
项目时间: 2015年
摄影: Hoang Thuc Hao

Architects: 1+1>2
Location: tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam
Architects In Charge: Hoang Thuc Hao, Pham Duc Trung, Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, Le Dinh Hung, Vu Xuan Son
Area: 550.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Hoang Thuc Hao