Design as a Way of Achieving Social Equality
Design as a Way to Solve the Environmental Crisis
  • 移动学校/ Building Trust + Ironwood
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  • “棕地再利用”系列 废弃工厂的恢复与利用
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    Un lugar concebido para y desde la acción como es el caso de espacio VíAS, supone una apuesta radical por la implicación de la ciudadanía en la construcción de la ciudad. El proyecto rehabilita una antigua estructura ferroviaria para convertirse en laboratorio temporal de iniciativas juveniles y culturales, y regenerar así, el área urbana del centro de León mediante la recuperación de las vías de FEVE como espacio público. El proyecto es el inicio de la conversión de una nueva ciudad lineal que convierte la entrada de las vías en León en un nuevo espacio urbano a tratar; promete un futuro al resto del espacio que está aún por reconvertir y permite que la ciudadanía crea en un proyecto transformador de ciudad. Presentamos un proyecto-proceso que continúa su labor educativa día a día en la ciudad.


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  • “棕地再利用”系列 威尔斯利女子学院景观再造工程
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  • 避难小屋/Emergency Architectural Shelter
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    In response to haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, dutch architect pieter stoutjesdijk has conceived an emergency architectural shelter that can be assembled from a series of parts in a little under five hours time. 


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  • “竹子”系列——互动竹子
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  • DFH第五期设计活动/Reuse of Brownfield
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  • 卢旺达卡永扎妇女重建自给中心Women’s Opportunity Center
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    Women for Women International,a global NGO, believes that the rebuilding of a country that has suffered through genocide is best achieved through education and self-empowerment at a grassroots level. The idea for a Women’s Opportunity Center fulfills this mission by offering women both a permanent haven for gathering and classrooms for learning new job training skills, including the craft of brick making.

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  • 乡村年轻夫妇住宅/a rural japanese home for a young couple
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    Tokyo-based architecture firm mA-style architects extends a typical rural japanese residence to @Create a separate home for a young couple. ‘koya no sumika’ is designed for the clients to have their own space for sleeping and spending quiet time----

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  • 建筑设计提高健康水平/Can Arthiceture Improve Health?
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    The facility designed by MASS is an extension wing of the Rwinkwavu Hospital, and will house operating rooms with necessary support spaces, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Kangaroo care, and a NICU mothers’ ward. 

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  • 设计为学习创造条件/Can design improve access to learning?
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    In 2007, UK charity A Partner In Education (APIE), as part of its mission to boost education in Africa, committed to building a new school campus in the Kigali neighborhood of Kabeza to replace dilapidated existing facilities. MASS was brought"" />